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        CT-AIVEP Training - Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing (SHFST?) - Module 16

        CODE: CT-AIVEP:M16

        Price: $8,500.00

        In stock

        CosmeticTattooist.com offers comprehensive and innovative training via an Accelerated Interactive Vocational Education Program? (AIVEP) course framework.

        Our industry first training format provides our course participants an accelerated approach to learning via carefully structured course design, innovative methodologies, high standards and a relaxed learning environment. Enrolled practitioners are treated as our peers engaged in a shared learning process collaborating for professional development.

        Course Overview: 60 Hours of Theory 40 Hours of Practical
        Designed for experienced Cosmetic Tattooists, ParaMedical Tattooists, Medical Tattooists & Health Professionals

        Models can receive a treatment for 25% of the regular fee;
        If you would like to register as a model for trainee for a SHFST? procedure click here

        Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing? (SHFST?) is the technique of simulating the appearance of a hair follicle on the scalp by tattooing pigment into the skin to give the appearance of a thicker coverage of hair or to camouflage scars. There are very few service providers internationally who are achieving superior results in this technique and none to our knowledge have come close to the level of research that we have engaged in to create a training package. Some service providers offering this service lack even a basic understanding of the causes of alopecia and the conditions that should not have scalp tattooing.

        After just 2 treatments

        Based in Melbourne Australia, Andrea has been providing and perfecting SHFST? client services for several years, Andrea decided to create a comprehensive training course after being asked to correct several procedures performed by poorly trained technicians.

        Warning: There are poorly trained and completely untrained providers offering this service with no medical tattooing background, don't be taken in by flashy websites or bold claims. If you are considering undergoing this treatment insist on seeing the technicians valid diploma in SHFST? from CT-AIVEP this is evidence that the tattooist has undergone formal training that was designed and created in association with a Registered Health Practitioner.
        This is the only course in SHFST? available globally that has been created to these standards.

        In recognition of her work in SHFST? Andrea was invited as a Master Lecturer at Permanent International the global congress on Cosmetic Tattooing in Berlin 03/11/2012.

        Only a limited number of students will be trained to our exceptional standards in each geographical location.

        The theory is provided via our revolutionary CT-AIVEP? online multimedia platform providing students the ability to learn and prepare at their own pace prior to any practical training sessions, this also means that the valuable time spent with a trainer is not wasted on theory but spent doing hands on training.

        The SHFST? training program is an extensive and detailed course and is designed for Medical and Para-Medical tattooists and health professionals with extensive experience who should have a good understanding of the science and equipment that is employed in our unique technical approach in providing this service.

        Extensive research involving the review of over 200 scientific publications has been conducted in the development of our unique procedural approach and course creation. All CT-AIVEP? client procedures are provided using aseptic technique and clinical methodology.

        Module 16 is a one on one practical training session in the provision of our trademark approach to Scalp Micropigmentation with a certified Workplace Trainer with the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority.

        Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing
        (SHFST?) is the most comprehensive course available and was created after 5 years of extensive research.

        In Depth Theory - 60 hours
        Comprehensive theory, know what you are doing and why!

        Copyright Information
        Introduction and Welcome
        About the Author
        Site Navigation
        Study Guide
        Chapter 'Notes Page' Introduction
        Flash-Book Introduction
        Chapter 'Key Points Page' Introduction
        Chapter 'Questions Page' Introduction
        Chapter 'Test Page' Introduction

        Flash Book Publications Introduction
        Amiea Linelle Supreme - User Manual
        Amiea Sense - User Manual
        Hand Piece Covering Tutorial
        Amiea Pigments Expert User Guide
        Virtual Pigment Mixer? - Interactive Software
        Creatip Needles Expert User Guide
        MESO-Vytal Technicians Manual (SHFST? Version)
        Course Library - Extensive
        Clinical Studies - Extensive
        Male Androgenic Alopecia Overview

        Equipment (Tools of the Trade)
        Recommended Cosmetic Tattoo Machines for SHFST?
        Amiea Linelle Supreme Initial Setup and Usage - Video
        Amiea Sense Initial Setup and Usage - Video
        Amiea CoolSpot Initial Setup & Usage - Video
        Procedure Magnifiers
        Multi-Spectral Devices
        Use of a Digital Microscope to Conduct a Trichogram
        Analysis - Microscope Trichogram Calculator &
                      SHFST? Tricho-Analyser - Interactive Software
        Other Equipment Used During SHFST? Treatments

        Background Information on SHFST?
        Chapter Notes
        Medical / ParaMedical Tattooists
        The History of Scalp Tattooing
        SHFST? vs. Other Terminology
        Who Should Provide SHFST? Services?
        Self-Rating Depression Scale
        Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin on the Scalp
        The Growth Cycle of Scalp Hair
        Types and Causes of Hair Loss
        Alopecia and Donor Scar Grading Scales; Hamilton-Norwood - Savin - Darby
        Options and Treatments for Androgenic Hair Loss
        Types of Hair Transplants
        The Spectral Characteristics of Skin and Pigment; Depth, Size & Colour
        Key Points
        Chapter Review Test

        The Procedure
        Chapter Notes
        The Initial Consultation
        Pain Relief
        The Test Patch
        Contraindications for SHFST?
        Absolute Preclusions from SHFST?

        Customised Documents for SHFST? (very comprehensive)
            ? Alternative Options
            ? Pre treatment advice
            ? Consent, Indemnity & Medical Questionnaire
            ? Client Notes pages
            ? Aftercare Advice
            ? Medical consent letter
            ? MESO-Vytal Technicians Manual (SHFST? version)

        The First Treatment + Procedure Video
        Healing after SHFST?
        Follow Up Treatments
        Before and After Photos
        Key Points
        Chapter Test
        Extra Chapter Notes Page

        Detailed knowledge provides a commercial advantage!

        Our Own Proprietary Software

        During your training you will be shown how to use our own proprietary software the SHFST? Tricho-Analyser, which provides you the vital information that you need to perform a SHFST? procedure, it can guide you on;

        ? Calculation of treatment area in cm2
        ? Estimated number of treatments required
        ? Estimated treatment durations in hours - based on technicians own workflow speed
        ? Suggested needle sizes and ratio
        ? Suggested needle depth
        ? Suggested pigment colours
        ? Expert comments based on client metrics
        ? Standard clinical and custom hair loss pattern grading
        ? Custom hair transplant donor scar grading
        ? Treatment price calculations based on technicians hourly rate & treatment time
        ? Print out a report for client records

        The Tricho-Analyser is the essential tool for SHFST?


        Practical Training - 40 Hours
        Please allow at least 4 - 6 weeks to complete the theory component before the practical training days.

        Your practical training session will cover;
        ? Day 1
           AM/PM: Hands on use of specialised equipment, client assessment procedures, test patch perform and test patch review.
           NB. Our client assessment and evaluation of tests patch procedures are far more involved than a standard cosmetic tattoo procedure

        ? Day 2
          AM: MESO-Vytal donor scar preparation
          PM: First donor scar SHFST?

        ? Day 3
          AM/PM: Client Assessment, test patch review and first SHFST? procedure for a client HN-III - HN-IV

        ? Day 4
        AM/PM: Client Assessment and first or second SHFST? procedure for a client HN-V - HN-VI

        On successful completion students will receive; a CT-AIVEP diploma in SHFST? demonstrating to your clients that you have completed the most comprehensive course available in this technique.

        Please note: we retain the exclusive right to teach the SHFST? methodology, trainees gain the right to use our methods for their own client services but not the right to train others in our techniques, this is non negotiable and signed agreement to the training terms and conditions are required before commencement of the training.

        Overview of Training Agreement

        Exchange Rates

        Looking For A
         Cosmetic Tattoo
        Board Certified Trainer?

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