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      2. CosmeticTattooist.com
        (Proudly servicing the bayside region, Melbourne, Victoria Australia)

        Cosmetic Tattooing Services for Men

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        You may be surprised to learn that many men are having Cosmetic Tattooing procedures as well as women. Yes its true, we regularly receive enquiries from men for both general and Paramedical services.

        There lots of reasons that men may require Paramedical and general Cosmetic Tattooing services, such as;

        With Para-Medical Cosmetic Tattooing the objective is to re-pigment or camouflage the affected skin area in a way that reduces the visibility of the unwanted condition or returns the skin/area to a more natural or aesthetically pleasing appearance.

        If you are considering undergoing Paramedical Tattooing I recommend that you obtain the services from a tattooist who is using an Amiea Linelle Supreme because it is currently the best machine for this type of service.

        Due care is always taken to provide my clients with the privacy and care that they need during consultations and procedures, a respectful approach is my priority.

        Want to learn more?
        My Cosmetic Tattooing services are provided in private comfortable surroundings and confidentiality regarding your procedure is assured.

        My Salon has current approvals from, and is registered with, our local health authority and  single use sterile disposable medical supplies are used in all procedures. I meet and in many instances exceed the relevant state and local health guidelines.


        Andrea Darby - Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooist

        For an Appointment Phone: 0423 230 740



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